Alfa Romeo

1900 C Sprint Coupé

99 HP73 KW
1953 build year
420.000 Euro


- 1 of 100 1900 C Sprint Pininfarina Coupés built.
- 1 of only about 34 still existing cars
- matching numbers
- extensively restored
- German registration

The Alfa 1900 marked the dawn of the modern era for Alfa Romeo. It was not only the brand’s first newly developed model after the Second World War, but also Alfa’s first car with a modern, self-supporting body. The 1900 was produced in a wide variety of versions from 1950 to 1959.

The four-cylinder engine, which was also newly developed, was the first Alfa to have a double overhead camshaft. This resulted in a high revving pleasure and a high power output of 80 hp (59 kw) to 115 hp (85kw). Combined with a low weight and a modern chassis, this made the car a very popular sports car and the archetype for many subsequent generations of Alfa Romeos.

In addition to the saloon, Alfa Romeo also commissioned the Touring company to produce coupés and cabriolets. The basis was a shortened and reinforced chassis.

In addition, some of Italy’s most famous coachbuilders offered beautiful bodies based on the 1900.

One of the most beautiful and sporty representatives were the Sprint Coupés by Carrozzeria Pininfarina. Pininfarina is one of Italy’s most successful coachbuilders and is responsible for many of the most famous Italian sports cars including most variants of the Ferrari 250.

Pininfarina pre-built some cars on the longer wheelbase chassis as the 1900L. In addition, Pininfarina also built 100 coupés on the shortened chassis as the 1900C. The cars had a steel body with many parts made of aluminium (e.g. boot lid, bonnet and trim), thin material thicknesses and many small details, resulting in a low weight of only 1050 kg, which made the 100 hp (73kw) easy to handle.

The new price was on a par with a Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing or even a BMW 507.

Our car is one of these 1900C Pininfarina Coupés, which were built only 100 times. Only about 34 of these vehicles have survived to this day, which makes it a very rare vehicle.

It was newly registered in Pisa on 29.07.1953.

The car was used in some races in Holland and Belgium in the 1960s. Probably at that time a rare, original Alfa Romeo 4-speed gearbox with a middle shift was fitted. This is not a so-called “Nardi kit”, which converts a steering wheel gear into a middle gear, but an original factory gearbox.

The car was restored by the current owner a few years ago and painted in the original Alfa Romeo colour Cobalt Blue, which was also officially available in the year of construction of the car. The original exterior colour was beige.

Accordingly, the car is in a very nice condition. There are far fewer vehicles of this already very rare model that are in a similar condition. Restoration of such a vehicle is also much more expensive and time-consuming than for a model that was built in large numbers and where parts are more readily available.

As a special feature, an original and rare Abart downdraft carburettor system is still fitted, as well as an original Abarth exhaust system. The exhaust system is not a replica, but was an unused original part (New old stock) that came from a stock liquidation.

The car still has its first original engine with “matching numbers”

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