BMW 503 Coupé

140 HP103 KW
1956 build year
179.000 Euro


The BMW 503 Coupé was an elaborately designed sports coupé in the luxury class. It was presented together with the 503 Cabriolet and the BMW 507 at the IAA in 1955 and these two models represented the top models in the BMW model range.

The body is made entirely of aluminium and was manufactured at Baur in Stuttgart. The powerful 3.2 litre V8 engine was also cast entirely from aluminium and remained for a long time the only aluminium V8 manufactured in Germany. The engine produced 140 hp/103 kw in the 503 and accelerated the car to 100 km/h in 13.3 seconds and an impressive top speed of 190 km/h.

So much luxury came at a price and so the BMW 503 Coupé was initially priced at DM 29,500 and by the end of its build it was DM 32,950. This made it more expensive than a Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing and, depending on the region, you could get your own home for the money. Thus the pleasure of driving a BMW 503 remained very exclusive and only 273 coupés were built in two series. Only 136 of the first series were built.

The first series can be quickly recognised by the characteristic chrome trim, which points upwards at the rear of the 1st series, whereas this runs straight out at the rear of the 2nd series. The first series also had a steering wheel gearstick and even hydraulic window lifters. In addition, the ashtray was still located under the dashboard, which made for a nicer dashboard.

This early car from the 1st series was delivered to Portugal on 17.09.1956 to the local importer Russo&Irmao in Lisbon. The first owner chose the tasteful colour combination of stone grey.

Like a large proportion of the BMW 502, 503 and 507, the car received an exchange engine during its life. In this case, a brand-new unit without a number, into which the number belonging to the chassis number was then stamped again. This was common practice at BMW and other manufacturers at the time. The stroke number pattern is absolutely authentic and was carried out with the original stroke numbers. You can only notice the swap by the fact that the engine is the more robust version with 11 stud bolts, which was only introduced in 1957.

It has been in Germany for about 30 years and has a current German registration. The car was restored in Germany in the early 1990s. In the process, the interior, which is in good condition, was recoloured and the front seats were reupholstered. The exterior colour was changed to a slightly lighter shade of grey. The work is very well documented with receipts and invoices.

A rare opportunity to buy one of only 136 1st series BMW 503 Coupés built.

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