Mustang Fastback

489 HP360 KW
1967 build year
119.000 Euro


- 1967 Fastback
- completely restored and built in Germany
- road legal track car
- 6,4 Ltr. Ford racing engine with 488 PS / 360 kW

The Ford Mustang, introduced in 1964 was a great success right from the start. Until today it is one of the most appealing sportscars in the world.

In 1965 Ford introduced the “Fastback” as the most sporty body design for the Mustang. A sporty and sleek fastback, with a very aerodynamical design. In 1967, Ford presented the second version of the Mustang, whose design closely resembled the original lines, but featured slightly bigger dimensions overall. The additional space was needed to install bigger and more powerful engines.

We are pleased having the opportunity to offer you this very special 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback. An Outstanding, exceptional example, combining the cool looks of the ’67 Fastbacks with state-of-the-art engineering.

The car was rebuilt at a professional german shop over the course of about two years, using a very well preserved US-Car as a base. The work was finished in 2012.

First the body was stripped to the bare metal and the few damages caused by corrosion were then carefully removed. Afterwards the body was modificated, to fulfill the needs of the modern suspension, chassis and safety. To improve torsional stiffness, an additional support-frame was welded in, as well as a roll cage out of CrMo 4 – steel tube for security aspects. In addition the wheelhouses were enlarged , to fit the bigger wheels.

The original 4.6 ltr. Small Block was swapped for a brand-new Ford Racing Parts 6.499 ccm V8 factory engine wich provides, regarding to the constructor, 488 hP / 360 kW using a Kestec-Fuel injection. Ford Racing Parts respectively known today as Ford Performance ist the Ford Motorsports-Division. The Gearbox was upgraded to a 5 gear Tremtec Racessports-gearbox, to handle the 800Nm of torque provided by the Big Block. To help operating the car on the street, but satisfying all the needs of a racetrack, the car was fitted with a Dual-Friction Centerforce-Clutch, wich ensures an easy operation even with low RPM – but also being able to transfer the high Torques produced. The steering is supported by an electrical steering booster.

The suspension was replaced by much better components of TCP (Total Control Products). The car has coil spring dampers on both axles instead of the original laminated springs on the rear axle. The prop shaft is made of lightweight alloy and the rear axle is reinforced. The brakes were replaced by adjustable Brembo high performance brakes.

The exhaust system is a completely customized stainless steel system, which comes with the needed inserts, to ensure noise reduction on public roads.

Parts, which are vulnerable to corrosion, were plastic coated to ensure a longterm protection.

Along with the car, comes a detailed list with information about the work done and the different technical specifications of the vehicle. The conversion was extremely complex and a complete listing would go beyond the scope for this first impression. We are pleased to give you further information if needed. The production costs overshoot the today’s price of the car by far, especially considering the time spent.

This 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback has a German title and is road legal and registered in Germany.

We offer this vehicle for our partner company Collectors Garage from Michigan, USA. Collectors Garage is a subsidiary of the Broad Arrow Group.

The car can be viewed at our premises in Germany, 33415 Verl at any time by arrangement. A lifting platform is available for this purpose.

Please contact us if you are interested in further information.

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