Merak SS

219 HP161 KW
1977 build year
62.500 Euro


- more powerful SS variant
- matching numbers engine
- EU-taxes paid
- including Maserati Classiche Documents
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As the little brother of the Maserati Bora, the Maserati Merak was produced in various versions from 1972 to 1982.

Externally, it was based on its sister model, the Bora, from which the chassis and bodyshell were taken. The front section of the body, including the passenger compartment, was the same as that of the Maserati Bora. The rear section was distinct.

From a technical point of view, Maserati used parts from the French manufacturer Citroën, to which Maserati had belonged since 1967. This included a six-cylinder engine developed by Maserati for the Citroën SM. Over the years, these components were gradually replaced by Maserati’s own designs. The dimensions were unchanged. Due to the fact that the Merak weighed about 250 kg less than the Bora, the handling was much more agile.

In 1975, further engine variants appeared for the Merak. A more powerful version was sold from 1975 as the Merak SS, which again lost weight. The Merak SS also had a more powerful engine whose output was initially 220 hp. The increase in power was achieved by increasing the compression ratio, larger carburettors and by revising the intake tract and larger valves. The top speed of the Merak SS increased to 245 km/h.

Externally, the SS was recognisable by an additional black-painted air vent that extended across the boot lid. Also new was a black-painted spoiler under the front fascia. The interior of the Merak SS also featured an independently developed dashboard for the first time.

This Maserati Merak SS was produced with manual 5-speed gearbox and Campagnolo rims in Argento (silver, Salchi code 106E1) and blue leather (Connoly code VM.3489) in September 1977 and delivered to Maryland/USA in early 1978.

The first owner owned the car for about 20 years until 1998 and used it only as a second car. During this time, according to the description of the previous owners, he only drove just under 10,000 miles with the vehicle.

Afterwards, this Merak SS was sold to California. The second owner owned the car for a further 15 years and carried out a major engine overhaul in August 2000. This involved replacing the original hollow valves with solid valves and replacing the original timing chain with a better version. Both measures eliminated known weak points of the unit and made the engine much more durable. The corresponding receipts are available.

In 2012, he sold the Merak SS with a mileage of about 12,000 miles on to a good friend who also moved the car little. In May 2012, he had the car checked and some small things replaced. At that time, the vehicle had a mileage of 12,422 miles. The third owner confirmed this low mileage and that the car was accident-free. The vehicle received several awards at a number of car shows.

With a mileage of approx. 13,500 miles, the vehicle was sold to St. Louis in January 2014. Here the vehicle was refurbished and painted. In the interior, the seats were reupholstered true to the original. After only six months, the vehicle was traded in. Here, the vehicle was checked, small details were fixed and then advertised.

At the beginning of 2015, the current owner bought the vehicle and imported it to Germany. Since then, the vehicle has only been driven twice and has been sitting in the garage ever since, so it is certainly one of the Maserati Meraks with the lowest mileage in the world.

The last service on this classic Italian sports car was carried out by Auto Sauer, Bamberg, in June 2017 at approximately 13,650 miles. In addition to bleeding the clutch, the brake caliper on the passenger side was overhauled and the brake fluid was replaced, the right cylinder head was overhauled and the exhaust system was repaired.

Prior to this, the car underwent an inspection in August 2014 at a mileage of 13,614 miles and had a number of minor items attended to, including the electric windows, horn and headlights.

As the car has not been driven much in the last few years, we recommend that the car is thoroughly serviced if it is to be driven extensively again.

Please contact us if you are interested in further information and a detailed condition description.

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