Since my earliest childhood I have always been fascinated by vehicles of all kinds. Because of their design, technology and history, but also simply because of the driving pleasure and freedom they bring.

Probably it is very similar with you, otherwise you would not have ended up here on this homepage.

Initially, this was pure enthusiasm and no plan to turn this hobby into a profession. Looking back, however, there is a red thread that continues to spin until today.

More important to you is the fact that paired with the enthusiasm but also the knowledge, the network and the experience to offer you the best possible service.

I studied business law at the University of Siegen. This sound education in business administration and law is, in addition to the necessary technical understanding, an important basis for my present job. This knowledge also helps me to solve the increasing legal, tax and customs challenges for you.

After graduating from university in 2008, I was offered a position in the marketing and sales department of one of the world’s most renowned classic car dealers. The passion quickly turned into a profession and I was able to directly enter the trade with the most beautiful and exclusive cars.

A lot of work, commitment, luck and above all the support of my wife and many other great people have enabled me to continue this path successfully for many years. After more than eight years as an employee, I took the step into self-employment in early 2017.

Over the years I have sold many of the most exciting cars in the world. From vintage Bentley to classics such as the 300 SL, BMW 507, Aston Martin DB5 and modern super sports cars like the Porsche 959S and a Ferrari Enzo.

My focus is on the top models of the major European sports car brands.

I am pleased to offer you all my experience, expertise and above all my passion for our hobby and our work.

Feel free to contact me if you are looking for something special, want to sell something or are interested in one of the cars I offer.