About us

Since my earliest childhood I have always been amazed by anything related to cars, bikes, boats, planes etc.

It was probably the same with you, otherwise you would not have ended up on this website.

Looking backwards it seems it could not have ended anywhere else, but it was just pure passion that coincidentally ended up in a career involved in cars.

More important for you is that I can combine passion with the necessary knowledge, network and experience to deliver good results for you as my clients.

First of all I decided to learn something “serious” and went on to study business administration and business law. This professional education is still an important basis for my day to day work to solve the ever increasing demands in the fields of taxation, import regulations and law in general.

When, after finishing my exams, I had the chance to start working for one of the most respected classic car dealers in the world, I did not hesitate too long and a passion became a profession.

This unique opportunity to start directly at the top level of the classic car world, lots of hard work, commitment, luck and the help of my dear wife and other great people gave me the chance to successfully continue this career since over the years and to finally found this company.

Over the years I was lucky to sell a lot of the most exciting cars in the world including among others: Mercedes-Benz 540K and 300SL, Vintage Bentleys, Lamborghini Miura SV, Ferrari 250 GT Lusso, F50, 288 GTO, Aston Martin DB5 etc.

Over the last decades the market for collectors cars has changed various times and with it the collectors and their demands in the industry. I want to meet these higher demands with this young but already very experienced company and I am happy to work with and for you.